Издательство APS выпускает новый журнал Physical Review Materials

Издательство APS  выпускает новый журнал Physical Review Materials. Он будет открыт в рамках подписанного пакета журналов.

Анонс из издательства:
The American Physical Society (APS) is excited to announce the launch of our newest journal - Physical Review Materials.
Targeted for launch in mid 2017, PRMaterials will provide a common publication and reference source to the expanding community of physicists, materials scientists, chemists, engineers, and researchers in related disciplines that carry out high-quality original research in materials.  PRMaterials will maintain the same quality and reputation that authors, readers, and subscribers expect from APS. Additional information detailing the scope and topics covered in PRMaterials is available online at: journals.aps.org/prmaterials. The web page will be updated regularly as we get closer to article submission date and the publication date later this year.
Please Note: PRMaterials will be free to all 2017 APS-ALL online package subscribers and all active consortia members. Extended trials will also be available.


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